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So, You Want to Start a Blog?

Naturally, one of the most frequent questions I am asked when telling people, I own a blog is, “what’s your blog’s name?”. Subsequently, that question is followed by the other obvious question, “Dips & Dialogues… how did you come up with that?” I chuckle every time, and then proceed to explain.

Months ago, I sat on my couch for what felt like an endless number of hours searching my mind and the internet for interesting names to give my blog. It was daunting. I’ve wanted to start a blog for so long, but I didn’t know where to start. I read everywhere how important it was for me to choose the right blog name. It needed to be memorable enough to set me apart from the rest, it needed to embody the general niche of my blog so that readers understand exactly what to expect from my posts, and lastly, it should be something pronounceable and easy to spell so that my readers are able to find me. It seemed that this one piece of information had the potential to make or break my chances of having a successful blog– before I even started writing… and that was terrifying.

Sure, your blog name is important because it is your brand– the first thing your viewers will see. However, I would argue that it isn’t the most important thing or even the first thing you should be thinking about. The most important thing about your blog is… “YOUR BLOG”!!! Understanding your goals, intentions for writing, and the need of the audience to whom you are writing to, is what I think will be the true determining factor for the success of your blog.

If you or someone you know is interested in starting a blog and are having difficulty knowing where to start… Here are several things to consider first!


1.     Why are you wanting to start a blog?

Are you passionate about a particular thing or topic and feel excited to share your ideas and perspective with the world? 

Do you enjoy writing and find it to be one of the easiest ways to express your thoughts and feelings?

2.     What is your purpose for writing a blog?

What is your connection to your audience? 

Are you teaching them how to do something (sharing cooking recipes, how to build things, DIY’s, etc.)? 

Are you informing them about something (latest trends, technologies, celebrity gossip, travel destinations)? 

Are you writing to inspire your readers about your experiences and the amazing people around you?

3.     Who are you hoping will actually read your blog? 

Finding your direct audience and understanding this demographic is KEY!!! Are you writing for children, young adults, Parents, Mothers/Fathers, Teachers, women/men, etc.)

You don’t have to choose just one, however narrowing down your audience and learning about what his or her needs/goals/interests are will help you know how to best serve them. Think about it. This one is critical.

4.     What are you planning to write about?

To answer this question, you have to first have an understanding of your desired niche. In the ‘Business News Daily’, a niche is defined as “a specialized or focused area of a broader market that businesses can serve to differentiate themselves from the competition.” Plainly put, try to identify your interests and passions and find a way to put it all under one umbrella-category. Here are some examples:

Diane enjoys helping her friends and giving them advice. She has always been told that her advice was helpful and non-judgmental. Diane has also gone through her fair share of relationships– good and bad– and feels that she could provide her readers with useful information on how to thrive in healthy relationships. Diane may possibly be interested in creating a blog about relationships and dating.

Summer has a passion for everything in the kitchen. She enjoys cooking all sorts of dishes and has been told that she’s an excellent baker. Summer is also very knowledgeable about kitchen tools and gadgets and is a proud vegan with a heart for animal advocacy. Instead of choosing just one of these categories to speak on, it may be in Summer’s best interest to niche in Food & Health. This way she will not limit her gifts and she can educate her audience on everything under this umbrella-category.

5.     Where do you want to take your blog?

Are you writing a blog more so for yourself in order to document your life and experiences?

Do you see this more as a hobby or something you‘d like to do during your free time? A way to express yourself and share your thoughts with others?

Or are you wanting to make money from your blog? Are you wanting to sell and/or advertise items on your website? Will you be building a brand around your blog?

Ok! So, you’ve asked yourself all of the hard questions and you have a better understanding of why you’re doing this in the first place! Now it is finally time to think about your blog name. Do some brainstorming and try to come up with something that embodies your specific niche. A name that is interesting and unique enough to set you apart from the rest; and one that will allow for your readers to find you easily on search engines. Breath. Brainstorm. Make a decision and stick with it. You’ve got this!

If you need any further guidance or ideas for naming your blog, let me know in the comment section below. So excited to hear from you!