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  • Twenty-Seven Facts About Jackie
    Just a little “Get To Know Me” blog so we can feel a little more acquainted.  In no particular order: 1. I am twenty-seven years old. 😉 2. I am the Founder of Her Creative Spaces and Dips & Dialogues, the blog and segment show
  • Why the Phrase “I don’t see color” is Problematic.
    “I don’t see color”. While this statement is more often than not proclaimed by a well-intentioned person, it can also be dismissive and counterintuitive. Of course, you see color. We all do. What we need to understand is that seeing color and being a person
  • The Five Love Languages
    I have always been the one my friends come to when they are having relationship troubles with their boyfriends. I try to be as honest and unbiased as possible– even when I know I may have to tell them something they probably won’t want to
  • So, You Want to Start a Blog?
    Naturally, one of the most frequent questions I am asked when telling people, I own a blog is, “what’s your blog’s name?”. Subsequently, that question is followed by the other obvious question, “Dips & Dialogues… how did you come up with that?” I chuckle every
  • Daughter of the King
    What an honor.  What an honor it is to be called a daughter of the King. To think that the creator of the world– the God over the entire universe– knows me by name and considers me a daughter. The scriptures say in Psalms 139
  • Dating During Quarantine: The Singles Guide to Online Dating Sites
    I never thought that I would ever be writing a post about online dating apps. I also never expected for our world to be in the condition that it is in right now. This pandemic has brought on more than just the fear and anxiety