Why the Phrase “I don’t see color” is Problematic.

“I don’t see color”. While this statement is more often than not proclaimed by a well-intentioned person, it can also be dismissive and counterintuitive. Of course, you see color. We all do. What we need to understand is that seeing color and being a person of color are nothing to be ashamed of or anything to apologize for. We had no say in what family we would be born into or what race we would be assigned. Our skin tone was never intended to be a factor in distinguishing good from bad or strength from weakness. We have done nothing to earn our complexion and therefore should not feel entitled to anything because of it. We were unapologetically designed to look exactly as we do and should never be made to feel less than what we are– a freakin’ masterpiece. 

The unfortunate truth, however, is that not everyone in our world was raised with this awareness or understanding. In fact, some people were taught the complete opposite. Some people grew up in a word where they were praised and made to feel superior because of the color of their skin. Some were even awarded and given unfair advantages over others with darker skin, which only reinforced the false belief that they were more valuable than these people. Humans sure have a special talent of messing up God’s beautiful designs. We love to turn something that God created for good and screw it all up for our selfish intentions. 

The good news is God knew we would mess everything up and that we would need His help in fixing it all up again. I have full of hope that we as the human race can re-learn to love the way we were created to love– unconditionally and selflessly. Like everything else worth having, it will require work. We are going to have to take a real look within ourselves and acknowledge whatever stereotypes we may have adopted and normalized and to make a conscious step towards changing them. We cannot be blamed for how we were raised, however, with newfound knowledge comes newfound change.

God makes no mistakes and was completely intentional with designing us with our unique shades and features. Ladies, we are so beautiful. Each one of us in our own unique way. We have different eye colors, hair textures, height, weight, cultures, backgrounds and stories. That’s what makes us unique. We are a beautiful rainbow of people all created for the glory of God. Which is why my heart breaks every time I see one of us teared down and mistreated. It is so hard to accept that some of our sisters had to grow up in a world that made them feel less than or not enough; all on the basis of pigment in the skin. As a woman of color, I too have experienced my share of injustices, but nothing to the degree of what some of my black and brown sisters had to endure. I’m here to tell you ladies– red and yellow, black and white– that you are all beautiful daughters of the KING. You’re not beautiful because men tell you so or because I write this to you… you are beautiful because that is your God given right. He makes no mistakes! It is time we embrace this truth wholeheartedly and stop accepting anything less. WE ARE GEMS, SISTERS. And don’t ever think of yourself any other way!